Victorious The Old Russian name Vasily well sounds near middle names Yakovlevich, Mikhaylovich, Glebovich, Petrovich, Alekseevich, Fedorovich, Pavlovich, Makarovich, Aleksandrovich.

Victorious Victor will harmoniously feel, possessing a middle name Petrovich, Dmitriyevich, Mikhaylovich, Tarasovich, Olegovich, Yakovlevich.

Name Vitaly conformably with middle names Glebovich, Konstantinovich, Fedorovich, Dmitriyevich, Aleksandrovich, Ivanovich, Yaroslavovich, Petrovich, Borisovich.

Ordinarier Vladimir is combined with middle names Viktorovich, Mikhaylovich, Petrovich, Aleksandrovich, Andreevich, Artemovich.

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The description

The description Material A subject weighing kg, a subject weighing g, household bathroom scales, pharmaceutical scales or scales of day of experiments on physics with weights in grams, baskets with subjects of different weight big for large subjects of kg, pencils, paper.

The description of work The teacher gives to the child in a hand subjects weight in gram and kilogram.

When the kid feels a difference, the teacher explains that in kg one thousand grams the concept one thousand is already familiar to the child.

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On a table

On a table Occupation course.

On a table of the teacher the doll room is located there lives the doll Masha here.

To it to the room the bug flew, and it is necessary to help to find to Masha it.

The teacher shows the plan of the doll room and explains each designation.

Then suggests children to establish compliance of designations on the plan to subjects of doll furniture.

Previously the teacher hides a bug in the doll room under a certain subject, respectively puts a tag a red circle on the image of this subject on the plan.

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