Exercise It is necessary to jump again not to step on an animal.

After all it is very unpleasant and it is a pity for hedgehogs.

Jumps on a place, alternating feet together feet separately.


Exercise We hide from enemies Oyoyy!

It is rather for a stone!

Terrible footfall is audible.

It runs a tyrannosaur, behind him one more and this whole herd of tyrannosaurs!

It is necessary to hide behind a stone.

Lets look, maybe, ran.

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Reflects ZZ the Lion, Scales, the Taurus and Twins.

Strict discrepancies of a name to other zodiac signs are not present.

The stone lazurite, fell down, tsitrin.

Anna Color beige, pink with an opaque shade.

ZZ Fishes, Aquarius.

Will not suit on nature of sounding to signs of Earth and Fire.

Reflects essence of Twins a little.

A stone amber.

Antonina Color saturated white, beige, scarlet.

ZZ the Lion, the Taurus, is a little less than Fish.

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Visual working

Visual working Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that in experimental group there are more than children at whom tracking, necessary for reading, in the direction was not created from left to right.

Visual working capacity was estimated by means of the interactive computer KODING program developed and approved at Institute of problems of information transfer of the Russian Academy of Sciences of G.


Rozhkova and T.


Podugolnikova Equipment.

Experiment consisted in coding of the objects shown on the computer monitor by means of symbols.

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Takes two long

Takes two long Occupation course.

Children sit on stools.

The teacher speaks: Today we will play Streamlet.

Takes two long ropes, puts them in parallel through all group room at distance of cm from each other: It we will have a streamlet.

You now jump through a streamlet.

Do not wet a foot!

Who will stumble, will get to water, that will sit down on a grass carpet and will dry feet on the sun.

Children on one approach a streamlet and jump through it.

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Ask that

Ask that Memory game: Hot material Show a picture of three hot cups of material.

Milk, Water, Soup which is placed in a table with three columns in this special order Now, give them the empty Card with a table and transfer them a picture of a glass of milk, a glass of water and a bowl of soup.

Ask that your child placed them in the correct order in columns.

If your child is incapable to choose.

You can give it two choice and ask that he specified.

Memory game: Small Froggie Show a picture of Small Splash pools on a bed with three various expressions.

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Any sensitive

Any sensitive I am inclined to think that when game in the heat, children and really imagine that their toys the real things, and, only when any tactless adult interferes and by that reminds that all events a fruit of their imagination, they with scope plop down back on the earth.

Any sensitive parent will never begin to destroy the world of the childrens imagination.

Boys, as a rule, do not play with girls.

They play robbers and tag, arrange themselves secret shelters on trees, dig dugouts and entrenchments.

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