After game

After game There are many ways to develop figurative ability to see images so brightly as the photo at children.

After game in telepathy game time in clairvoyance comes.

And here is how to do it.

In the beginning let your child will look at color cards.

Red and yellow card, for example.

Also tell: it is red, and it is a yellow card.

If he distinguishes colors, arrange cards facedown and ask: where the red?



the child can choose or point with ease to the necessary card.

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We advise

We advise This protocol is not the obligatory document for the report.

Therefore its maintaining is optional.

Skilled logopedists sometimes instead of the protocol do for themselves notes in a free form.

We advise young specialists to fill detailed protocols.

The recorded data will allow to make more accurately the logopedic conclusion, and in case of difficulty will help to get advice at the skilled expert.

The following stage of inspection analytical is devoted to the analysis of these data.

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Yes, the general

Yes, the general Everything is normal.

And Grisha where?

Breathes under an oxygen mask.

So you told, me sewed up?

Yes sewed up already!

Lie quietly!

I had a feeling that I got drunk in zyuzyu and now here suffered a hangover.

Yes, the general anesthesia piece artful.

I could not recover in any way.

The maternity chair on which I lay as though floated under me on waves and shook to and fro.

Ceiling lamps all danced at me before eyes.

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If twoyearold

If twoyearold Elephant at the father on a back Age: years.

Number of players: All children lie under one blanket on a stomach and close eyes.

The adult drives one or several fingers on their backs, as if drawing outlines of different subjects.

Who guessed that is drawn, drives itself.

If twoyearold it appears too difficult, they can let to run about on a back of different animals: cat, ant, elephant.

After all gait at animals different, and the movements of hands on a back it is possible to reproduce it.

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Number of players: _ Play

Number of players: _ Play Number of players: When the child lies in a bathtub on a back, carefully support his head so that ears of the child were in water.

Talk to it.

Let he will listen to the and your voice izpod waters.

Knock on a bathtub.

Open the crane, let it will listen to underwater noise of water.

The world of things round us Age: years.

Number of players: _ Play verbal game.

Compete who will call more words designating subjects in a bathroom.

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At a senzitivny

At a senzitivny In norm such contrast assumes optimum conditions for reading because allows letters to dominate and not to merge with a background.

At a senzitivny skotopichesky syndrome there is no due contrast between white and black.

The background starts competing with a font and to draw more attention, letters lose the individual shape, leave on a background, become as if invisible, unreadable.

White color absorbs letters in such a way that they always look porazny, as if change, lose part of the lines making them.

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  • Shyness very artful quality, it quickly takes control of the child.Happens that shyness is transferred and to adult life.Then events can start developing in two directions: or the closed and very constraining person, nothing reached in life will turn out, or from the timid child the maniacal personality seeking for destruction only to prove the ponderability and the importance can develop.Neither the first, nor the second is not norm.To distinguish shyness very difficult.
  • e.understanding of the printing text.Thus are estimated not simply quality of retelling as coherent text it belongs to quality of oral telling more likely, how many what level of value of the text the child understood and how it allocates key support in the analysis and reproduction of the text.Some levels of value of the text are allocated: faktologiya, general sense and hidden meaning of the text.Faktologiya includes the list of external events, the facts and direct estimates of these events containing in the text.
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