Takes two long

Takes two long Occupation course.

Children sit on stools.

The teacher speaks: Today we will play Streamlet.

Takes two long ropes, puts them in parallel through all group room at distance of cm from each other: It we will have a streamlet.

You now jump through a streamlet.

Do not wet a foot!

Who will stumble, will get to water, that will sit down on a grass carpet and will dry feet on the sun.

Children on one approach a streamlet and jump through it.

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Ask that

Ask that Memory game: Hot material Show a picture of three hot cups of material.

Milk, Water, Soup which is placed in a table with three columns in this special order Now, give them the empty Card with a table and transfer them a picture of a glass of milk, a glass of water and a bowl of soup.

Ask that your child placed them in the correct order in columns.

If your child is incapable to choose.

You can give it two choice and ask that he specified.

Memory game: Small Froggie Show a picture of Small Splash pools on a bed with three various expressions.

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Any sensitive

Any sensitive I am inclined to think that when game in the heat, children and really imagine that their toys the real things, and, only when any tactless adult interferes and by that reminds that all events a fruit of their imagination, they with scope plop down back on the earth.

Any sensitive parent will never begin to destroy the world of the childrens imagination.

Boys, as a rule, do not play with girls.

They play robbers and tag, arrange themselves secret shelters on trees, dig dugouts and entrenchments.

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Perhaps, for this

Perhaps, for this In most cases this fear outweighs pleasant expectation and forces to be given: If only not to make an appointment.

Perhaps, for this reason appointment in increasing frequency happens in public: Our company is going to play size.

You do not want to join us?

Appoint appointment by phone.

This way will allow you to do without sign language.

Calculate everything in advance and have in the head at least couple of thin approaches.

When you meet the person, accurately call yourself and if feel that it is necessary, explain where you met earlier: It is John Simmons.

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For comparison

For comparison For determination of parameter of correctness of reading the quantity of errors of each look, and total number of the mistakes made by the child when reading all texts was counted.

For comparison of indicators of this parameter of reading pupils of the first the fourth classes it was necessary to counterbalance indicators of quantity of errors of technical aspect as the number of words in texts for reading in different classes strongly differed.

It would be incorrect to compare quantity of the mistakes made by the child when reading words in the first class, words in the second class, words in the third and words in the fourth classes.

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Psychiatric The psychiatry, religion and other social institutes assure that each of us has static, unchangeable essence.

Individual internal force is allegedly responsible for the one who we are and that we do.

Such definition exposes all changes superficial and temporary.

Psychiatric patients with improvement of a state are described as made jump in health.

If they have no problems any more, them do not call healthy, it is considered that the disease is in a remission stage.

There are obvious proofs which support the opposite conclusion, namely that the human essence and behavior change when the situation changes.

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Not all councils, instructions, recommendations

Not all councils, instructions, recommendations In some exercises you will be asked to perform kakoyelibo a task before starting other part.

Not all councils, instructions, recommendations or exercises of this book are acceptable for you.

Choose what approach, offer the others to those who needs them.

It is simplest to refuse some or all our exercises, having counted them too simple and improper, or passively to read them without active application.

However it is even simpler to remain timid, without having changed the life.

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  • Shyness very artful quality, it quickly takes control of the child.Happens that shyness is transferred and to adult life.Then events can start developing in two directions: or the closed and very constraining person, nothing reached in life will turn out, or from the timid child the maniacal personality seeking for destruction only to prove the ponderability and the importance can develop.Neither the first, nor the second is not norm.To distinguish shyness very difficult.
  • e.understanding of the printing text.Thus are estimated not simply quality of retelling as coherent text it belongs to quality of oral telling more likely, how many what level of value of the text the child understood and how it allocates key support in the analysis and reproduction of the text.Some levels of value of the text are allocated: faktologiya, general sense and hidden meaning of the text.Faktologiya includes the list of external events, the facts and direct estimates of these events containing in the text.
  • They will try to replace us, to forgive us our shortcomings, to suppress our excesses and to hold us on a rigid course of confidence that we act according to our nature.The similar scheme and a navigation chart very often define, what person on the deya.Action of requirements and desires of how we have to behave, is well described in the letter to dear Ebi where the young woman states the problem concerning her husband: Dear Ebi, my husband almost perfection.We are married years and are very happy, but there is one problem.
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